Clips 'n Hips Videos

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The first video is the Clips 'n Hips dancers performing a Salsa Flamenco. If you have trouble viewing the video, just follow the link to see the Clips 'n Hips dancers on YouTube.


The second video is of Kelly Forbes and Marti Rickman performing a Salsa routine. If you have trouble playing the video, just follow this link to Kelly and Marti on YouTube

Marti and the Ladies of Clips 'n Hips have been busy! Here are some of their performances.

View their performance at Marti and Kelly Forbes also performed at Marti and her two daughters also performed at

Clips 'n Hips Anniversary party was quite colorful and lively. But that's not all. Clips 'n Hips celebrated Colombian Independence Day 2011 with Dancing and music!

What did Marti say was the 'best birthday present EVER'?