AngelAngel Balsavich

Angel Balsavich has always been a dancer and had a passion for music.  She started with Ballet in 1985, and continued her training for ten years. She decided that being a professional ballet dancer was not something she wanted to pursue.  She was very fortunate to have a diverse circle of friends and was exposed to pieces of many cultures including Latin music. Her passion for music was amplified with the luring rhythms of Salsa and Mambo. In September of 2003, she was befriended by Kenny and Debbie Freeman. They were teaching Rueda De Casino classes and persuaded her to join. She walked into their class and has been dancing ever since. She attended every event, workshop or party that involved salsa. She seemed to have a natural ear for the music and the movements came easily to her. In January 2004, she started teaching Salsa classes at the Oklahoma City Swing Club and School of Dance and continued there for almost five years. Now she teaches at Art in Motion Dance etc. located within The Gold Dome and will also be starting classes at Clips 'n Hips dance studio. She has attended many workshops under the instruction of nationally and internationally recognized Salsa Professionals including Liz Lira, Christian Oviedo, Al Espinosa, Salsa Y Control, Jason Molina, Magna Gopal, Griselle Ponce and many others. She constantly is learning as much as possible so that she can give her students room to grow. Though starting primarily with Rueda De Casino and Salsa classes, she has expanded her instruction to include Merengue, Bachata, and Cha Cha Cha. She has performed with  OK Salsa Fever and Salsula dance company. Her performances and instruction has taken her to Texas, Tennessee and Kansas. She is the co-choreographer and co-director for OK Salsa Fever. OK Salsa Fever is a group made up of dancers from different studios and backgrounds that all share one thing, the love of salsa and the ambition to perform. She also performed in Salsula Dance Company adding hula to her dance credits. She loves bringing the joy of the dance to others and the ties that come with that experience. We're glad to have her on board at Clips n Hips!


Christina Lynn SwankChristina Lynn Swank

Christina has been dancing since she was four years old. She performs regularly with her mother, Marti, in exhibitions as well and has several videos to her credit as an accomplished dancer.

Clips 'n Hips is fortunate to have Christina as an instructor and performer.





Melly RiveraMelly Rivera

Imelda “Melly” Rivera’s dance background began with high school activities such as cheerleading, majorette, color guard, pom and modern dance. Melly later began dancing flamenco and Mexican folkloric with instructors from Oklahoma, Mexico and Spain. Salsa became her passion.

Melly was a long-standing member and assistant director/choreographer of Las Americas a.k.a. SalsAmerica. She is now the director of Salsula and OKC Salseros. Melly is responsible for bringing recognition to Oklahoma salseros by being the first group to be invited to perform out of state in a salsa convention and the first group to be invited to a salsa congress dancing along beside international salsa dancers.

Melly is skilled in teaching partner work for men and women, shines, styling and choreographs all her performances. She accredits her knowledge and skills to her world renowned salsa instructors from Mexico City, New York City/NJ, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Boston, Colombia, Los Angeles and the Texas Salseros.

Adding Hula to her dance credits she studied Traditional and Tahitian Hula with master instructors from Guam. Melly is most recognized for her diversity, love for music and dance. To her, dancing is poetry in motion and is evident in her unique style and energy.

Kelly ForbesKelly Forbes

Kelly is a talented actor, model, dancer, performer and instructor. He has been dancing for audiences for almost 10 years and is one of Clips 'n Hips instructors. Kelly has training in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tango, swing dance, Latin dance, modern dance as well as being a well rounded performer. He has appeared in American College Dance Festival, Yuletide Magic with Susan Powell, Red Glove Revue, Nutcracker, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat, the King and I, West Side Story, Love Rocks, Mississippi Love, Silvertree Productions, on Royal Carribean Cruise Line and at Ballet Oklahoma. Kelly currently teaches Hip-Hop and Jazz at Clips 'n Hips.

Raquel Rosa

Raquel Rosa has 10 years experience in the art of Flamenco and Middle Eastern dance under the instruction of Spanish born and internationally famous performing artist, Raquel Fabiu.  Raquel Rosa has also taken Mexican Folkloric with  performing artist, Jose Munoz in which she excelled and savored dances from her native Mexico.  Samba is also in the repertoire, Raquel has taught samba and has 10 years experience in various forms of Brazilian dance.

Marti RickmanMarti Barona Rickman

Marty Barona Rickman was born in Palmira, Colombia. She was a member of a group called "Luisas de Marilla" del colegio liceo sagrada familia. Here she learned Folk Dance, Salsa, Cumbia Joropo and Bambuco.

She left her home town in 1985 to come to Oklahoma City,Oklahoma. In 1994 she became a member of American Business Women Association (ABWA) and continued to be a performer. Her dedication and hardwork got her nominated as the associate of the year. Getting involved with the community and volunteering for habitat for humanity was one of her top most priorities. Marty was a member of the International Dance Studio for 6 years, and has been taking flamenco classes from Raquel Fabui. Some of her other instructors were Shannon Calderon, Anton Coleman and Jose Junco.

In 2007 she was one of the directors of Miss Hispanic UCO pageant and currently is a proud owner of the newest Hair and Dance Studio, "Clips 'N'Hips" where she teaches Salsa and Zumba. Marty got her Zumba Certificate under the Founder of Zumba, Roberto "Beto" Perez, in the 2007. Lately she is one of founders and directors of the newly established OKC salseros who have been recognized and performed in different places such as the Dallas salsa convention, Senorita Independencia Guatelmala Pageant, Miss Hispanic UCO Pageant, Tierra del Corazon, festival, De Las Americas, Dances of Passion, Guatemalan festival, Blue Dome In Tulsa, Ok and the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Hilda de LeonHilda de Leon

Hilda de Leon has been a dance instructor since she was in junior high school. Hilda was born in Guatemala and came to the US with her parents when she was in high school. She has been dancing and performing since early childhood.







Diesko BoylandDiesko Boyland

Diesko has studied and performed with some of the dance greats. He has taught Hip Hop at Clips 'n Hips.







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